Yank Barry - AtSunset.Com
March 21, 2017
Virtually everything Yank Barry has done in his life has been successful. Following an enviable 30-year career in the music business, where he was successful as a singer, songwriter, producer and publisher, he became a writer and producer of advertising jingles, including many for some of the most popular brands of all time. Then, Yank Barry became a successful entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro, a company he founded and where he developed many successful products.

His greatest success was yet to come, however. While Yank Barry traveled the world for Vitapro, he witness a level of suffering that he couldn’t have imagined before, and he felt absolutely responsible for fixing as much as he could. That’s why he is known as a successful philanthropist these days. His work to help people the world had forgotten that has brought him three nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. His philanthropy is different than most because it’s more personal. He won’t just write a just or make a grant. He and his wife Yvette do much of the work themselves as they come to the aid of people in crisis.